Combine our experience with your needs

Since the start of Ridgeview, we have supported more than 10 different instrument companies in the development of software, hardware and assays. Our proven track record in biotech business makes us a partner to rely on.

Open Innovation

We develop, manufacture and sell analytical instruments and related software products. Early on we decided to provide others access (on commercial conditions) to the software modules we develop, because we simply do not want the wheel to be reinvented too often.

OEM opportunities:
  • Software modules for your instrument development project
    To control instruments we use our Control Software Kernel as a starting point. We usually have an instrument up and running within a few weeks.

  • TraceDrawer for evaluation of your instrument data
    Data evaluation is made in TraceDrawer - a generic evaluation program for interaction analysis. TraceDrawer is designed to be easily modified to match other fields of science.

External project support

We join external projects as consultants to support software development, documentation, verification and validation. Current projects range from small research grade experimental programs to full IEC62304 class B compliant IVD development including necessary QA/RA. We also support external projects with patent advice, mainly in the field of mathematical biology and clinical diagnostics.

Contract Research

Do you have research questions to answer but lack time or necessary equipment to do so? Let us help you! We probably know less about the biology you try to resolve, but when it comes to interaction measurements we are better than most.


Our experts can provide valuable knowledge for assay development or education in real-time analysis. The equilibrium equations may look tricky at a first glance, but after only a few hours with our scientists and learning tools you will both realize the power of interaction theory in assay design and be capable of acting accordingly.