Software is an increasingly important part of success in research, development and business. At Ridgeview, we focus on software packages that efficiently complete tasks in minutes. Our focus is to facilitate the design of experiments and the comparison of results, all for making better decisions sooner.


The ultimate solution for real-time interaction data handling

Collect and understand your real-time data using our summarizing and evaluation tool TraceDrawer. The smooth and intuitive workflow leads to high productivity and instant insight in assay results.

Key features:
  • Collect data
  • Compare results
  • Evaluate kinetics and competition
  • Evaluate affinity and EC50
  • Present data in reports
  • Create publishable figures

LigandTracer Control

Smooth operation of the LigandTracer instrument

Our instruments are operated using the LigandTracer Control software. Pre-defined templates suggest suitable settings for the most common assays.

Key features:
  • Setup a run within minutes
  • Analyze the interaction as it occurs
  • Compare different cell lines within the same dish
  • Learn more about real-time interaction analysis with simulation tools

LigandTracer Learning

Comprehensive interactive self-learning module

Learn about real-time interaction analysis in general and LigandTracer in particular with LigandTracer Learning. We explore how to set up an assay to obtain as much information as possible about an interaction, and how to interpret the outcome. LigandTracer Learning is suitable both for LigandTracer users, internal courses at pharmaceutical companies and as part of university courses.

Key features:
  • Interactive lessons with adaptive feedback
  • Intuitive videos
  • Theoretical background information
  • Final test to verify knowledge transfer